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Get ready to tap into the extraordinary power of, the ultimate tool that opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for your podcasts and videos. Say goodbye to complex editing headaches and hello to a seamless experience that will leave you wondering how you ever managed without it!

In our ground-breaking Descript Mastery course, we'll take you on an step-by-step journey through the ins and outs of this game-changing software. You'll explore every feature, uncover time-saving shortcuts, and learn advanced techniques that will take your editing skills to the next level.

We believe in learning by doing, which is why our course takes a hands-on approach. No boring lectures here! You'll dive right into real-world projects that allow you to immediately apply your newfound skills. Get ready to reclaim your time (and sanity) when it comes to video content creation.

Note: "Descript Mastery" is suitable for both beginners and experienced editors. No matter where you are on your creative journey, this course will empower you to harness the full potential of, streamline your creative process, and make all your videos and podcasts faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Get ready to revolutionize your content creation like never before!

This updated course includes 6 new modules and 6 pre-recorded video tutorials.

The recordings are available anytime, 24/7/365.

Got Questions?

Do I need to have any prior editing experience:

No. This course is for absolute beginners or experienced editors alike. All will benefit from the classes.

What's new in this version of the course?

This new course update will focus on using Descript's new AI enhancements to create blog posts, show notes, YouTube descriptions, social posts and more. We'll show you how to turn audios or podcasts into compelling visuals. We'll also show you how to use Squadcast to record better videos, podcasts or interviews. Squadcast is included in Descript.

In this version, you'll work along me and edit your own videos or podcasts, step-by-step.

We'll also show you how to add cool video footage and audio tracks all included with Descript.

What if I purchased and took your Descript course before?

If you have purchased and taken the Descript class previously, you do get into this new updated version for free. I will email you details and links before our first class on Tuesday, March 12th.

What if I’m in your Fast Forward group?

If you are a Fast Forward member, you get this class and all my classes free with your Fast Forward membership.

For info on joining Fast Forward, visit:

Do I need to purchase Descript? Which version should I get?

You can get started with the free version, but I think you’ll find that the “Creator” version for $12 per month is worth every penny. I use the “Pro” version that has no limitations for $24 per month and it’s the best software investment I’ve ever made!


Your Instructor

Lou Bortone is the "Godfather of Video," with over a dozen years as a video marketing pioneer. He's a Descript pro, and he's also the author of "Video Marketing Rules: How to Win in a World Gone Video!"

Before teaching and training entrepreneurs online, Lou was a marketing executive at E! Entertainment Television and Fox Family Worldwide in Los Angeles.

Lou is a video marketing expert, an author, speaker, and host of “The Godfather Podcast.” Prior to becoming a “videopreneur.” Lou spent more than 20 years in the television business. Lou is also a father to twins, a rescuer of Pugs, and an expert at Italian curses.